Back Pack

I have branched out into making bags, but this is the first back pack I have made, I was very lucky and had a parcel of fabric in my Christmas box off my in laws. I just love this pattern, I will make lots more of these.

But this particular one is joining me on a trip to Bahrain in February when I fly out to visit my daughter and her family.

You can get the free pattern here:

Chloe Backpack IMG_0285 IMG_0284


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Mothers Day Gift

This lovely item was made by my daughter Claire especially for Mothers day, unfortunately due to problems with the post it came late, but better late than never I always say. 🙂
Click photo for larger view

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Fabric bits

You know all those strips of fabric you have left over from your old projects? plus all the bits from fabric swaps you entered, that you don’t know what to do with?
Well I decided yesterday, it was raining and I have not got any big projects going yet, to sort out my fabrics, found all these bits and lots more besides, and decided to sew them up, I now have the beginnings of a pretty scrappy rail fence quilt, and I know a little girl who will love it, so away I go..:)

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Mothers Day

This is the lovely cushion cover my daughter Claire made for Mothers day, It came a few days ago, and my husband who was away for a few days, told me that if a parcel arrived for him from Bahrain, I was not to open it under any circumstance.

It had this, a card and another secret he has put away for my birthday in April..:)


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Body proportions

body-proportions0059.JPGThis is a freeby for anyone who makes dolls , it will help you to get your body proportions correct.
Feel free to copy the picture, if you click on the picture you should get it full size.

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