Ribbed Hat

I knit this for my friend who has her birthday on the 18th, but it has come out smaller than expected, we have been invited to a little girls 8th birthday tomorrow it looks like she will be getting an extra present.

Click on the photo to see larger view.

You can see the pattern here.


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New Hobby

I have been meaning to learn to crochet for donkeys years, just lately I joined in with our local knitting group and this week it was a crochet class, yippee, finally. Dawnel who takes the crochet class sat with me all afternoon practicing the stitches, I came home all excited and found some wool and a crochet hook I knew I had somewhere!! This is what I managed to do, this is my first ever hand made dish cloth. 🙂 What about that colour? it was the only cotton yarn I had in my stash, I love it, much to nice to get dirty.

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Alan’s Socks

Last year I started to knit my hubby a pair of socks, I had one finished by his birthday in May, but not the other, so I promised him they would be ready for Christmas.!!!
It is beginning to look like he will get them for this years birthday, I am finally down to shaping the toe, but guess what? it looks like I am going to run out of wool, he has large feet and so takes more wool than a normal pair of socks. I refuse to buy a ball just for one inch of sock, so he might have to put up with a different colour toe on that foot.
Anyway, I will let you know how I get on with them.
This is a picture of them so far.alans-socks.jpg

Update, 🙂 socks finished, Mum came to the rescue and sent me some leftover wool that matched perfectly. Alan is finally wearing them.

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Beaded Cap

I bought a job lot of this green wool in the sale at our local wool shop, so there will be lots of small projects knitted in it…:)
I knit this beaded cap for my friend Ruths birthday, I will give it to her tomorrow, she does not read this blog so I am safe to post it.

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Hot Water Bottle Cozy

After a spate of bad backs and arthritis problems, we decided we needed a cover for our hot water bottle, I did a search of the internet and came up with this pattern.
This is my first attempt at using a circular knitting needle, I have to say I am impressed myself, it only took me three days, not counting the first attempt when I realised, after 5 inches that I was knitting it twisted, and nothing would untwist it.
Hot Water Bottle Cozy

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