New hobby

New hobby

I am going to be keeping Bee’s next year, my Father in Law is building me these hives.
Watch this space next year for more on this subject. 🙂


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Alan’s Birthday

Alan 60th Birthday

Alan was just expecting 4 friends to come and celebrate his birthday, but I organised a lot more.! 12 people came and Ruth baked him a cake, we had a lovely afternoon, the sun shone so we were able to spend some time in the garden. A nice time all round.
Birthday cake

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What a view

What a view!!

What a view!!

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New Toy

Having struggled for the last few years with the strimmer to cut our fields and verges, we have finally bit the bullet and treated ourselves to a ride on mower, it is called Mac. 🙂 I have mowed our field that I am tentatively starting to call a lawn and all the verges around the property, I was even tempted to cut Guy the farmers field, but I think the cows wouldn’t like it. Guy stopped and asked if I was now cutting the grass for the commune. 🙂 I never knew he had a sense of humour.
Alan so far hasn’t even managed to get a sit on the seat, I might let him have a go in a day or two, or three.

If you click on the photo you can get a larger view.

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All our family and friends know we have a small dog, Todd, he is a Cairn Terrier, we bought him when he was a small scrap of a puppy, he is now 7yrs old. He is the best dog we ever had, previously I have always had large dogs, Alsatians and Weimaraner’s, but Alan has always wanted a Cairn, so thats what we got, and what a good idea it was. 🙂
We have had so much pleasure and fun with him, he has never been left on his own, he goes where-ever we go, shopping or visiting friends.
But he does have a couple of faults, he seems to think, because he has saved our free range hens a few times from the fox, that every time they sound their “I have laid an egg” cluck, which is quite loud, he runs outside barking and on full fox alert, which can be a little disconcerting, especially if you were just sitting quietly reading, and then Todd barks in your ear and you nearly have a heart attack. 🙂
His other fault is, he likes to roll in poo, he prefers fox, badger and deer poo, but if he can’t find those, a cow pat will do, and as we live in the heart of farming country there is an awful lot of it about. He smells dreadful most of the time, I think, he thinks, if he masks his scent the fox wont notice him coming, never mind that he is barking his head off.
But still he is a most important member of our family, and we hope he is going to be with us for a long time yet.

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