If you don’t know already my husband Alan and I bought an old French farmhouse in need of a drastic rebuild, we have made good progress on the house, but still lots to do.
We are starting to tidy the field, we had a digger in to level the place we want to make a seating and eating area, just in front of Alan’s finch cage, as you will see from the photo’s.
There are lots of fallen rocks around the place especially on the road where next doors barn has collapsed, which I feel as they are on a public road they are fair game, plus no one lives there, 🙂
We are making the wall in an L shape with a seat in the middle of the long bit, and steps down in the corner. The seat is made from a huge piece of granite which at one time was the lintel over a doorway.
Anyway I had been collecting rocks for a week or so, then my brother Raymond came for a visit and he started the wall for us, this is him working on the base.Starting the wall
Anyway he worked solid for two days and this is how it looked when he went back to the UK.
Looking good
if you click on the photos you can get a bigger picture.
Just a side note: Granite is HEAVY, !!!!!


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