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I know this blog is mainly for crafting, but we had a lovely surprise this week, or at least one uf us did.
I got an email from my Father in Law who asked me to phone my son in law Anthony, but not let Alan know!!!!
Any way, the upshot of the phone call was, Anthony was coming in secret to visit his Dad, bringing Owen his son with him for five days.
So, thinking cap on, how was I going to get out of the house for at least four hours to get to the airport and pick them up with out Alan suspecting? as we never go anywhere with out each other.

I know!! I will phone Breid, a friend of ours, she lives a good 40 mins drive away, and ask her to phone me up on the day they were arriving, and ask me to go over and have a look at their computer that was playing up.
Which she did, very convincingly too I have to say.
Alan took the bait, 🙂 he would stay at home and watch the footy.

So, I picked them up, when we got close to home I phoned Alan and said I was on my way, having fixed said computer..!

I stopped the car around the corner and Anthony walked down to the house with his bag, giving Alan the shock of his life, he told him he had taken a taxi from the airport.
I pulled up a few minutes later, and acted all surprised at Anthony being there, we should have been awarded an Oscar, leaving Owen lying on the back seat.

After a couple of minutes I said I had something in the car, that Gerry had sent for him, but it was too heavy for me to lift, would alan give me a hand?
He did this, and as he opened the back door of the car Owen popped up, you should have seen Alan’s face, it was a picture, I have never seen him look so shocked.

Anyway, we had a lovely visit, you can see the pictures here
They have now gone home, leaving Alan a very happy man….:)


February 19, 2007 - Posted by | None Crafting

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